The Boilermakers Blues Band

R Hogg (Bruce Tessmer)

The Boilermakers are:

R. Hogg (Bruce Tesmer) - Guitars/Vocals
R. Hogg handles the bulk of the vocal responsibilities for the Boilermakers. He started playing guitar in 1967 in an attempt to attract girls. It didn’t work, so he had plenty of spare time to practice! He quickly tired of top 40 and was a drawn to the electric blues. Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix were early influences, which lead to interest in more traditional blues artists. Bruce played with several touring acts around the Midwest, including The Hitz Band and The Headbolts before joining the Boilermakers.

Driftless Jimmy

Driftless Jimmy (Jim Wisniewski) - Guitar/Vocals
Jim contributes guitar, vocals, and songwriting for the band. Among his main musical influences are McKinley Morganfield, Chester Burnett, and Brint Anderson. Before joining The Boilermakers, Jim fronted the Wisconsin Area Music Industry-nominated South End Blues Band based out of Milwaukee. He also performs as a solo artist in the area as “Driftless Jimmy”.

Jeff Groves

Jeff Groves - Drums/Vocals
Jeff spent his early years bashing along to MTV videos using his parents’ bar stools as drums. He got his first real drum kit at 13 when his family moved to California in the late eighties. In those days metal was king—every kid had long hair and a guitar and being in a band was an obligatory rite of passage. Jeff returned to Wisconsin about ten years ago but only recently found himself invested in another band–The Boilermakers!

Mark Tully

Mark Tully - Bass/Vocals
Tully first “discovered” the blues as a teen when he learned that his favorite bands—The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Cream—had all “borrowed” much of their early repertoire from the likes of Willie Dixon,
Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy Williamson, John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. He was lucky enough to see Muddy perform live in the late 1970s and was mesmerized. Tully played in various rock and blues bands over the decades that followed but has always held on to his passion for the blues. You can also see Tully “Messin the Blues” as a solo artist around Southcentral Wisconsin.